For many employees across the UK, a second wave of coronavirus has delayed their return to work. Although Boris reduced social distancing measures to 1 meter back in July 2020, the safety of employees and customers is still extremely important and must remain a top priority for businesses before, during and after returning to work.

In order to maximise safety for office environments, cleaning, hygiene, and protective measures should be carefully planned out and implemented before employees return to work. Social distancing screens, also known as ‘sneeze guards’ or ‘protective barriers’, are a favourable and effective solution when it comes to keeping employees protected with social distancing. In this article, we explore the many benefits of social distancing screens, and why they’re proving to be popular protective measures for office environments.

office social distancing screens

Protection for employees and visitors

Many believe we’re now in our ‘new normal’, meaning it’s likely that social distancing screens won’t just be a temporary solution. It’s important that both your employees and any visitors to the office feel confident that their safety or wellbeing isn’t at risk. Social distancing screens help to add another layer of security, acting as a physical barrier to prevent any germs from spreading across the room.

Screens are easy to clean

Cleaning is now more important than ever, especially in a workplace environment. Acrylic and glass social distancing screens can be easily wiped down to eliminate any germs that may be residing on the surface. Many screens are also being made with an antimicrobial surface, which inhibits the ability of microorganisms to grow on the surface of a material.

Supports good lighting & space in the workplace

Where most social distancing screens are transparent, your office doesn’t have to suffer from loss of light. With this, visibility is maintained throughout the office, meaning employees are able to see, interact and engage with each other while keeping safe behind barriers.

Additionally, clear transparent screens prevent an office from feeling ‘closed’ or ‘suffocating and open workspaces can still be achieved. With desktop safety screens, you don’t have to worry about losing any space around the office either.

Full flexibility with social distancing screens

With the range of sizes, styles, and fixtures available, social distancing screens offer full flexibility for your office. You have the choice to implement full standing screens, ceiling hung screens, desktop screens, and more, all in various sizes. This creates an agile workplace in the fact that you can reposition screens if needed to cater for any important meetings or seating rearrangements.

The more favourable screen options for offices include:

  1. Office Desk Screens
  2. Desk Top Safety Screens
  3. Free Standing Screens
desk safety screens

Social distancing screens from Sanique

Safety in the office should be at the forefront of every employers’ mind during these uncertain times. Social distancing screens help you comply with latest Government advice and provide a secure working environment for everyone. If you’re looking to purchase social distancing screens for your office, view our extensive range of protective screens, or contact us and speak to an expert today.

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