As lockdown restrictions continue to ease around the UK, businesses are starting to welcome their employees back into the workplace. We have all had to adapt to living in world where COVID-19 is still present, but employers must now plan how they can support a return to the workplace in a way that cares for their employees and safeguards their health. 

Screens have been used in the work environment for many years. They form designated working areas and private working spaces. But during COVID-19, screens have taken on an even more important role in terms of keeping employees protected from the virus.  

In this article, we explore how acrylic screens will protect your staff, the types of protective screens available, and where you can use them in your workplace to help your staff safely return to work.  

How do protective screens prevent the spread of COVID-19? 

As many of us know now, COVID-19 is spread through the air via sneezes, coughs, or simply being too close to an infected person.  

A protective screen acts as a physical barrier between the airborne virus and protects cashiers, receptionists and the general public. They help to separate uninfected people from those who may be COVID-19 carriers.  

What types of protective screens are there? 


Desk Top Safety Screens  

It’s vital that every customer-facing area has acrylic screens in place to protect employees and the general public against virus transmission. Desk Top Safety Screens come in a variety of sizes, allowing workplaces to find exactly the right screen for their business 

SANIQUE desktop screens are designed with a cut out window at the base ideal for businesses that still need to take payments from the public or physically exchange goods. For example, a pharmacist will still need to pass through a prescription, or supermarket staff will still need to take payment from the customer.  

Desk Top Screens are best for: 

  • Reception desks 
  • Shop / trade counters 
  • Any customer-facing environment 

Our range of Desk Top Safety Screens include: 


Office Desk Screens 

Desk screens have been popular in the office environment for many years, as they help to create a designated workspace on communal desks 

Office desk screens are a see-through solution that will not only protect staff from virus transmission, but ensure that colleagues can still see each other, collaborate on projects and enjoy some human interaction.  

As part of the effort to stop the spread of the virus, acrylic desk screens will become an even more common sight in offices and workplaces in our post-COVID world. 

Office Desk Screens are best for: 

  • Office desks 
  • School desks 
  • Shared offices 
  • Boardrooms / meeting rooms 

Our range of Office Desk Screens include: 

office desk screens 

Social Distancing Screens 

Designed to protect from head to toe, social distancing screens don’t compromise on safety in commercial or social settings.  

Strong, durable partitions encourage customers to maintain safe social distancing between queues.  

Our single or double panel screens can be assembled to create a safe one-way system that keeps a safe distance between customers and staff.  

Social Distancing Screens are best for: 

  • Office canteens, receptions and entrances 
  • Shop queues  
  • Shared spaces 
  • Effective queue management in any setting 

Our range of Social Distancing Screens include: 

double panel social distancing screens

Hanging Screens 

Our hanging screens work as a floating protective barrier to prevent airborne droplets from coughs and sneezes. They can be hung from the ceiling or fixed to the desk. 

These hanging protective screens can be hung from any ceiling, and all fixings required are provided with these systems. 

Hanging Screens are best for: 

  • Checkout counters 
  • Receptions desks 

 Our range of Hanging Screens include: 

hanging screen

Workplace safety should be at the forefront of every employers’ mind during these uncertain times. Acrylic screens will help you to abide by government advice and provide a safe work environment for your employees. 

If you’re looking to purchase acrylic screens for your business, contact us and speak to an expert today.  

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