Lockdown, and the rules associated with social distancing are slowly being eased. Some businesses have reopened, and many are preparing to do so. On June 23rd, Boris Johnson announced that: “From 4th July, provided that no more than two households stay together, people will be free to stay overnight in self-contaminated accommodation, including hotels and bed & breakfasts… Most leisure facilities and tourist attractions will reopen if they can do so safely, including outdoor gyms and playgrounds, cinemas, museums, galleries, theme parks and arcades as well as libraries social clubs and community centres.”

This is big news for many businesses, and a huge relief for the hospitality industry in particular. With that said, here’s how to prepare your workplace for the easing of lockdown.

Introduce social distancing screens

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, social distancing screens should be used to limit any face-to-face interactions where possible. For businesses in the hospitality industry such as hotels, social distancing screens should be used at the front desk and other interaction points to protect both employees and guests from the spread of COVID-19. This could include being positioned at a bar, entrance to a restaurant, or to partition guests waiting in line.

social distancing screens

At SANIQUE, we offer an extensive range of social distancing screens designed to protect employees and customers. From single and double panel screens to desktop and wire hanging options, our wide selection of screens provides a solution for all circumstances. In our mission to keeping employees and customers safe, our social distancing screens are:

  • Available in a range of sizes and styles
  • Manufactured from acrylic
  • Powder coated in a silver finish
  • Easily configured to your requirements

We understand some facilities require modified solutions. If you’re looking for bespoke social distancing screens, speak with one of our experts today, we’d be happy to help.

For more information on our social distancing screens, take a look at one of our recent articles, all you need to know about social distancing screens. We uncover how social distancing screens protect us against COVID-19, the importance of using these screens and list examples effective for the workplace.

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Provide personal protective equipment

Appropriate PPE should be provided to all employees as well as customers for maximum protection. This could be as simple as leaving bottles of hand sanitiser at the reception of a hotel or go as far as ensuring staff preparing food are using hygienic masks, gloves and clothing. The level of PPE required depends on your business, and you must take reasonable steps to protect workers and others against COVID-19.

Personal protective equipment

At SANIQUE, we stock a range of PPE products to help minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19 within a workplace. Our PPE range includes:

  • Personal Protection Kit – including, hand sanitiser, masks, gloves, and antibacterial wipes.
  • 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser
  • 75% Alcohol Antibacterial Wipes
  • Disposable Nitrile Gloves
  • Penguin Sanitiser Dispenser
  • Disposable Hygienic Face Masks

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Effectively sanitise

In today’s ‘new normal’, sanitising is essential for many businesses. Surfaces must be sanitised both effectively and efficiently to ensure bacteria is killed in a timely manner. Whether you’re cleaning an office desk, a hotel room, or even a complete building, sanitising electric sprayers makes disinfecting fast, simple and effective.

The SANIQUE S-3 and S-9 sanitising electric sprayers have been engineered with innovative plug & spray technology for maximum efficiency. While the 2-in-1 spray and fog design increases the sprayers overall effectiveness. Our S-3 and S-9 sanitising electric sprayers have been carefully designed by experts and are:

  • Tough, compact and lightweight – weighing in at less than 12kg.
  • Flexible and reliable – comes with 15m hose and 38cm lance for hard-to-reach areas.
  • Easy to use – Ergonomic design minimises hand and wrist fatigue.

For more information on our sanitising electric sprayers and to find out which sprayer suits your sanitising requirements, take a look at our sprayer solutions page, or contact the SANIQUE team today.

To conclude

There are many steps you can take as an employer to ensure a safe return for employees and customers. Introduce social distancing screens, provide PPE and ensure surfaces are sanitised regularly – you must be proactive when minimising the risk of COVID-19.

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