Many businesses in the UK have started to reopen after months of lockdown intended to limit the spread of Coronavirus. However, at the time of writing (6th October 2020), the past few weeks have seen the number of Coronavirus cases rise substantially, and we’re now experiencing a second wave.  

Whether this second wave hits the UK harder than the first, businesses must be proactive with their decisions in order to limit the spread of the virus. So, we’ve put together a list of actions you can take as a business to fight against the second wave of Coronavirus.

Stock up on essential hygiene supplies

During the first wave of Coronavirus, essential items such as PPE, cleaning supplies, and other goods were in short supply. To prepare for this second wave, a good idea is to keep your stock levels reasonably high. Although, now as a nation we know what to expect, supplies should be easier to source than we first experienced.

When stocking up on essential supplies, be sure not to get carried away. If the majority of businesses begin to hoard supplies, there’s no doubt our economy will run into shortage issues once again.

At SANIQUE, we supply safety and sanitising equipment for the workplace of tomorrow. Our extensive range includes essential PPE supplies such as hand sanitiser, masks, gloves, dispensers and more to supply with your business with everything needed for a Covid-free environment. If your business is looking to minimise the spread of Coronavirus, contact us today for more information on our product range.

PPE essential supplies

Establish safety measures

In order to keep both customers and employees safe during the Coronavirus pandemic, you must implement effective safety measures alongside the latest government advice.

As an employer, you should make necessary adjustments to the workplace including sufficient safety screens, social distancing signage and a rigorous cleaning schedule. With these adjustments you’ll physically prevent the spread of Coronavirus, while creating a more comfortable atmosphere for your customers and employees.

Whether you’re looking to implement or improve safety measures for your workplace, discover more about protective screens and partitions as well as social distancing solutions from SANIQUE. We’re here to support your business.

social distancing screens

Conduct risk assessments

Completing COVID-19 risk assessments is key to tackling this second wave of coronavirus successfully. Risk assessments during the COVID-19 pandemic help employers to:

  • Identify what work activities or situations might cause transmission of the virus
  • Think about who could be at risk and why
  • Decide on the likeliness of someone being exposed to Coronavirus
  • Take action to remove, or if isn’t possible, control the risk from certain activities

If you’re still looking to conduct a COVID-19 risk assessment for your business, take a look at this document produced by the Health and Safety Executive, they cover everything you need to know.

To conclude

According to WHO experts, the second wave of Coronavirus is likely to be more deadly. As we enter the ‘flu season’, contracting both a common flu and COVID-19 at the same time could be fatal. The flu can compromise the immune system, and a compromised immune system is the underlying condition that can make COVID-19 deadly.

With that said, businesses must be cautious, continue to take proactive measures, and follow the latest government advice for the safety of customers and employees. Speak to one of our experts at SANIQUE today to find out how we can help your business through COVID-19.


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