The government have been ‘actively encouraging’ people’s return to work since May 10. Since then, social distancing signage has become an integral part for many workplaces throughout the UK. As more and more companies begin to reopen, understanding both the benefits of social distancing signage and the options available for businesses to implement is crucial.

So, to help businesses implement covid-safe measures in the workplace, we've put together a guide on social distancing signage.

social distancing signage

Why use social distancing signage in the workplace?

There are several reasons to support the usage of social distancing signs within a workplace. These include both reasons that enhance the perception of a company as well as health and safety purposes:

  • Helps to remind staff of their part in reducing the spread of infection
  • Shows you’re following government advice and acknowledge the seriousness of the situation
  • Highlights how seriously you take staff well-being and health and safety
  • Reinforces what you expect of your employees
  • Can incorporate branding to help with consistency of message
  • Helps you look professional
  • It’s also a way of welcoming staff back to work and helping them feel safe in their working environment
social distancing signage

Implementing social distancing signage in the workplace

Managing the return to work isn’t easy. Both staff and customers must adapt to a new environment and become familiar with new rules and restrictions. For offices, desk rearrangements may be necessary. Transparent and constant communication is crucial, and staff should be involved by giving feedback from the earliest stage.

Here are some examples of social distancing signage to consider for the workplace.

  1. Social distancing floor stickers - Help direct foot traffic around a building and serve a physical reminder of where to stand to ensure a safe 2-meter distance between everyone.
  2. One-way system floor stickers For large premises such as warehouses, or for shops and supermarkets, one-way stickers provide an obvious way to encourage a chosen flow of traffic.
  3. 'Wash your hands' stickersWhen placed in restroom facilities and kitchen areas, 'wash your hands' stickers remind both customers and staff that regular hand washing is needed to stop the spread of germs.
  4. Social distancing screen graphics – Can be applied to single and double panel screens as a reminder for people to stand behind the screens. This will help ensure social distancing is always adhered to.
  5. 'Queue here' floor stickers – Primarily used in shops and supermarkets, 'queue here' floor stickers guide customers on where to stand while queuing. Setting these stickers 2 meters apart will allow for proper social distancing.
Stand here social distancing signage

SANIQUE social distancing signage

At SANIQUE, we stock a wide range of social distancing signage perfect for use in the workplace, from floor stickers, to wall signage and screen graphics, we have everything you need. If you’re looking to implement social distancing measures for your business, take a look at our signage solutions, or speak to one of our experts today, we’d be more than happy to help.

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