In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools were closed across 107 countries by March 18, 2020. How effective this was in controlling the outbreak of COVID-19 is unknown, but we've now reached a point where the re-opening of schools and other educational facilities can begin.

To ensure a safe return for students in September, schools and colleges must be proactive, follow necessary guidance from the government and introduce new protective measures. By doing so, the risk of a second COVID-19 outbreak will be significantly reduced.

Here, we explore protective measures and products that schools should implement in order to achieve a cleaner, safer environment for all.

Cleaning and hygiene

Aside from reminding children that regular hand washing, not touching their faces, and following social distancing is important, what can be introduced within schools to help prevent the spread of COVID-19? Find out here.

Hand sanitiser

To limit the spread of COVID-19, ensuring sufficient hand washing facilities are available is crucial. Where a sink is not nearby, hand sanitiser should be provided to allow students to maintain proper hygiene. Hand sanitiser should be placed in every classroom, as well as canteens, changing areas, reception and gyms (if deemed safe to open). For maximum hygiene, automatic sanitising dispensers can be installed. This eliminates the need for students to touch anything, making the sanitising process more effective and efficient.

At SANIQUE, our Penguin Sanitiser Dispenser is perfect for use in schools and other learning facilities. It’s suitable for use with any liquid or gel sanitiser, can be floor fixed for security, is heavy duty, easily cleaned/maintained, and takes up to 5L of sanitiser for long lasting use. We've also developed our own SANIQUE sanitising dispenser. It's foot operated with no electrical mechanism, making it a great choice for schools.

We also stock 100ml, 250ml and 500ml bottles of 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser, as well as 5L bottles of 75% Alcohol Antibacterial Sanitising Gel for all your sanitising needs. Contact the team at SANIQUE and take advantage of our bulk discounts today.


Antibacterial wipes

Sharing equipment between one another should be limited, but in some cases can’t always be accomplished. In these circumstances, antibacterial wipes can be used to ensure any harmful bacteria is removed before the next user handles the equipment. Classroom laptops are the biggest culprit for this. Keyboards and touch pads should be cleaned with antibacterial wipes after use to limit the chances of the following user picking up any harmful bacteria.

Antibacterial Wipes

Electric sanitising sprayers

Sanitising individual rooms and entire buildings is part of our ‘new normal’, and schools are no exception to this. Classrooms, hallways, canteens and changing areas should be sanitised effectively and efficiently to ensure any bacteria is removed – limiting the chance of pupils contracting COVID-19.

Sanitising electric sprayers make disinfecting surfaces fast, simple and extremely effective. The SANIQUE S-3 and S-9 sprayers have been engineered with plug and spray technology, meaning they get to work right away for maximum efficiency. While the dual-action design is both fast acting and effective, giving up to 95% penetration even in hard-to-reach areas. For more information on our electric sprayers range, view our sanitising electrics sprayers page, or speak to one of our experts at SANIQUE today.

The below showcases a short video of how SANIQUE's S-3 electric sanitising sprayer helped Stow On The Wold school re-open and keep it's students safe.

"I definitely recommend the S-3. We've been able to make sure we can really get this school up to scratch by deep cleaning it every single night."

Social distancing

Pupils can be reminded of how important adhering to social distancing rules is, but this will not always be followed. So, what protective measures can be put in place to help encourage social distancing?

Social distancing screens

As we’ve mentioned before, social distancing screens are an effective way to limit the spread of COVID-19 (you can find out how and why in our social distancing screens guide).

Inside schools and other learning facilities, social distancing screens can be positioned in various places to offer protection against COVID-19. For instance, in hallways to allow for a one-way system, in the canteen to protect people from queuing, and at reception where visitors are likely to enter. For inside the classroom, Office Desk Screens can be installed to create divisions between desks and protect students where a 2-meter gap isn't possible. 

Social distancing screens

Social distancing signage

Social distancing signage can be extremely effective when it comes to enforcing social distancing measures. With the use of floor stickers, a one-way system can be created. This controls the flow of hallways, allowing pupils to safely move around the school. Additional signage such as ‘Queue Here’ floor stickers can be placed at 2 meters apart where a queue is likely. Implementing these measures provides clear guidance for pupils, helping reduce the spread of infection.

Many businesses have social distancing signage already in place. Due to the cost-effectiveness, versatility and simplicity, there really isn’t a reason why signage shouldn’t be considered.

At SANIQUE, we stock a range of social distancing signage products to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our complete range includes: 

  • Social Distancing Floor Stickers
  • Queue Here Floor Stickers
  • Social Distancing Floor Marking Tape
  • Wash Your Hands Stickers
  • One Way System Signage Stickers
  • SANIQUE Screen Graphics
social distancing signage

For more information on social distancing signage, and to take a look at our product range, explore our signage solutions today.

Looking to implement protective measures for your school? We can help. Contact SANIQUE today. Our team specialise in manufacturing and supplying safety screens, social distancing partitions, high-quality sprayers, social distancing signage and more.

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