We’re all aware of COVID-19 and the effects it’s had on many people’s lives across the UK. With the introduction of lockdown, coronavirus cases began to fall, and many started to feel more comfortable going out in public. But with the government deciding to lift certain restrictions, cases have unfortunately begun to rise again. Without proper care and attention, a second wave of coronavirus could be possible.

In recent news, there has been a spike in coronavirus cases across the north of the UK, which could result in cities reinforcing lockdown rules. On top of this, mainland France have also seen a 54% increase in coronavirus cases within a week.

As a nation, we must take action, apply proper protective/hygienic measures, and work together in order to reduce the chances of a second outbreak. But what can be done?

Aside from following government advice in our day-to-day lives, businesses can implement processes in order to effectively prevent the spread of coronavirus. In this article, we explore and compare the effectiveness of sanitising electric sprayers. An essential in today’s world.

What are sanitising electric sprayers?

Sanitising electric sprayers are portable pieces of equipment used to target surfaces with a sprayed liquid in order to kill bacteria. There are two main types of sanitising electric sprayers: atomizing sprayers, and electrostatic sprayers. Both of which work to kill bacteria in slightly different ways.

Why are sanitising electric sprayers effective?

For cleaning medium to large surface areas, using traditional wipes and trigger sprays can be extremely tedious and long-winded. It also requires significant effort to sanitise effectively, usually resulting in missed areas. Electric sanitising sprayers tackle this problem. With the ability to sanitise surfaces quickly and effectively, this technology makes a huge difference.

Atomizing vs electrostatic sprayers

First of all, using both types of sprayers are an effective way to cover a large area in just minutes. This is perfect for places such as school classrooms, public restrooms, kitchens, cafeterias, offices, hotels and more. But what’s the difference between the two?

Electrostatic sprayers

Electrostatic sprayers work by charging the liquid disinfectant as it passes through the nozzle of the sprayer. This generates charged droplets that repel one another to actively seek out surfaces. These charged droplets then stick to and ‘wrap’ around the targeted surface to coat and kill any bacteria. This ‘wrap’ effect largely depends on proper grounding of the sprayer and surface to properly charge the disinfectant particles.

Atomizing sprayers

Atomizing sprayers work in a slightly different way. By using compressed air (or other gases), the fluid is broken up into a fine spray. This provides the most complete, consistent coverage to meet chemical dwell times.

At SANIQUE, we’ve recognised the need for a cost-efficient way to sanitising. That’s why we’ve engineered the S-3 and S-9 atomizing sprayers. By working alongside experts and using proven technologies, we’ve come up with a way to meet chemical dwell times on every sanitising and disinfecting job.

Atomozing electric sprayer

Let’s compare the SANIQUE S-3 atomizing sprayer against a typical handheld electrostatic sprayer.

how the different standards compare:


SANIQUE S-3 Atomizing Sprayer

Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer

Time to cover 8' x 8' area Under 20 seconds 1 Minute +
Droplet size 10 - 30 microns 40 - 110 microns
Single pass coverage YES NO
Surface requirements Works on any surface Requires proper electrical grounding to achieve effective coverage
Coverage consistency Extremely even coverage Uneven coverage unless sprayer and surface are properly grounded
Durability Built for long-term commercial use Not built to withstand daily commercial use
Reservoir size Unlimited - draws from whatever bucket or tote the operator chooses. Usually 1 litre - requires constant refiling

For use in commercial sanitising, the SANIQUE S-3 atomizing sprayer is the obvious choice. Whether that be for schools, retail stores, restaurants, or any other commercial facility, the S-3 sprayer provides the performance and reliability you need. See how our atomizing electric sprayers have helped schools across the UK.

For more information on our atomizing electric sprayers, or to find out how the SANIQUE S-3 and S-9 sprayers could benefit your business, contact us at SANIQUE today.

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